Current Version Version: 1.2
Author Philippe Alary
Price $1.00
Description The most efficient and intuitive way of finding back your vehicle and avoiding fines from expired meters. This application is the most complete one of its category with unique features! How many times did you forget where you parked your car? When will your parking meter expire? What if you parked in a garage or lot? Which level, section, row and spot? !Parking allows you to: . Use GPS to mark your vehicle’s location on a map. . Get your precise parking spot by dragging marker. . Get turn-by-turn walking directions to your vehicle. . Set a meter timer and be notified before it expires. . Take a picture of your parking location. . Add a text reminder of where you’ve left your vehicle. . Share parking details to your friends via Email, SMS or Twitter. . Use the sonar to lead you to your vehicle by sounds. . Use footprints to follow your way. . Use normal, satellite, hybrid maps. . Browse or pinch to zoom in and out. . Show position accuracy and distance in meters/yards. How to use: . Tap on the pin icon to place your vehicle. . Tap on the pedestrian icon to find it back. . Tap on the flag icon to center map. Everything is within one tap, simple, accurate, and without any fee ! Available in 6 different languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch). Please Note: Notifications don’t require a cell or Wifi signal but require iOS 4 or above. Sending SMS requires iOS4 or above