Current Version Version: 2.0.7
Author vlingo
Description Tell your phone what to do! Vlingo’s intelligent voice application turns your words into action. - “A safer way to text on the road”, “Vlingo will do whatever you've told it to do” - Wall Street Journal - "Vlingo adds Jedi-like levels of mind tricks with the latest version of its iPhone app. - CNET - "Users should consider thumbing their way over to Vlingo" - New York Times PLEASE NOTE: Most features are free, but we do utilize Apple’s In App Purchase mechanism for sending SMS and Email. You can purchase these features from inside the app.. If you decide to purchase a paid feature you only get charged a one-time fee. Future Vlingo updates always preserve your paid features – no need to repurchase. Simply speak to your phone to connect with the people, businesses and activities that are important to you: “Text John; You want to grab a bite tonight?” “How many yards in a kilometer?” “Update Facebook; In NYC for the weekend!” “Call Lindsey” “Surf shops in San Diego” IPOD TOUCH: – We require headphones with a microphone to use this app. - “My all-time favorite phone application” – GigaOm - “Vlingo is Dope” - MC Hammer - “Vlingo Trumps Google Voice App” - Smoking Apples

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