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Price Free
Description * Please search for the "WordPress 2" app to download the latest version *

Robust but simple to use, the WordPress for iPhone Open Source application allows you to create and edit content on your WordPress blog(s) with support for offline use. The app includes the following features:

- Support for blogs and self-installed WordPress blogs
- Embedded Safari for true previews of posts
- Full support for tags and categories
- Photo support for both camera pics and library photos
- Support for multiple blogs
- Ability to password protect a post, save as draft, or mark for later review
- Auto-recovery feature recovers posts interrupted by phone calls allowing you to continue your blogging
- Landscape mode with the extra wide keyboard
- Link creation help
- Support for editing and creating Pages *
- Comment moderation *
- Asynchronous publishing
- Photo resizing options

* Requires WordPress 2.7 or higher or a site