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Price $3.00
Description As one of three heroes who vanquished Death Adder years earlier, take on the forces of evil on a perilous journey to recover the Golden Axe. … The legendary Golden Axe has fallen into Dark Guld’s hands and he now threatens the world with his new found powers and wicked army. Take up arms and sorcery as an axe-wielding dwarf, a mighty barbarian or a fierce Amazon in your quest to save the land from darkness. BE A HERO Take one of three amazing fighters into battle; each utilizing their own unique weapons and magic! DANGER AROUND EVERY CORNER Survive seven treacherous levels on your journey to defeat Dark Guld! DELIVER THE FINAL BLOW Cast powerful magical spells and deliver bone crushing strikes and throws to wipe out the minions of evil! DIVIDE AND CONQUER End Dark Guld’s evil reign with a friend using Bluetooth Peer-to-Peer multiplayer (Bluetooth required – available only for 3rd generation iPhone & iPod touch and 3.x OS or better)!