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Description NOTE: Email, Backup Snipes and Top100 are all working again. Addicted to the App Store? Spending way too much money on apps? AppSniper can help you! Not only does AppSniper allow you to track which apps are on sale, but it also notifies you when apps you're interested in have met your price target. Many developers drop their prices for only a few days or, in extreme cases, only a few hours in order to get additional sales and reviews. With AppSniper you can be guaranteed that you will never miss those great opportunities to pick up quality software at bargain prices. The best part is that AppSniper will pay for itself with the first snipe or sale item that you buy! We have a lot of fantastic new features planned for AppSniper, and will be actively updating it. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to email us at and if you find this app useful, please support us with a positive review.