Current Version Version: 2.1.2
Author Zenbe, Inc
Price $3.00
Description Zenbe Lists is the easiest to use to-do lists application for iPhone and iPad. It is great for making lists of all types. The best part is you can share lists with other iPhone or iPad users or over the web. Share a shopping list with your family, or a task list with your co-workers, from wherever you are. ★★★★ - Macworld Jason Chen of Gizmodo wrote, "Zenbe has become my de-facto todo list—beating Google's and any sort of Apple solution—for two reasons: Ease of use and cross-platform compatibility." ✤ View and edit lists on your iPhone or from any web browser ✤ Share lists from iPhone to iPhone, or with any email address ✤ People you share with can update your lists, and everyone sees the updates ✤ Edit lists from our web interface ✤ Share your lists on iGoogle or with a widget you can put on your website, blog, wherever Zenbe Lists is the perfect List application for your mobile life style. Learn more at

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