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Description Think of SplashID as your safe on the iPhone. You can store and lock sensitive information - not just usernames and passwords but credit card data, account numbers, registration codes, prescriptions, and much more. **Compatible with iOS4 and iPhone 4!

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SplashID, the award-winning password manager with over 500,000 users worldwide, is now available for iPhone! The all new iPhone version 5 makes SplashID better than ever.

Where do you keep your usernames, passwords, and bank account numbers now?

* In your head? -- Ever forget one of them?
* In a memo or Word or Excel file on your computer? -- What happens if you lose the computer or a malicious person accesses it?
* In SplashID? -- Smart move. Easy, fast, reliable, and most importantly, secure.

Only SplashID offers:

* Unlimited customizable record types and categories
* Strong 256-bit Blowfish encryption
* Backup and wireless sync to your Mac or PC (see below for details)
* Automatic password generator to create hacker-proof passwords
* Anti-phishing URL icons that deliver you to the correct address every time with no typing

No other "password keeper" application delivers SplashID's combination of features, reliability, and security -- not 1Password, not Roboform, not mSecure, not eWallet, not Keychain.

SplashID is your #1 choice for security and convenience:

* Winner of over 10 best software awards since 2005
* 5 Stars, CNET
* 4/5 Mice and winner of iPhone password manager comparison, Macworld
* iLounge A rating
* Featured in CNET video review,, Mobile Tech Review,, and more

All New Version 5.0 Offers:
* Custom Icons. Take a photo or choose an existing one to make a custom icon for a record or type.
* File Attachments. Take a photo or attach an existing one to a record for future reference.
* Most Viewed Perspective. A new tab shows you the records that you view more often for quick access.
* Manual IP Address Synchronization
* Optional PC and Mac companion software updates (Note: SplashID 5 desktop is a paid upgrade, but it's optional. You can sync SplashID 5 on iPhone with SplashID 4.6.1 on desktop).

Note: Wireless sync option requires SplashID iPhone Desktop companion software available for download at Desktop version has a free 30 day trial and is sold separately.