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Price $2.00
Description CellSpin is a one click mobile blogging application that allows you to capture Videos, Photos, Audio, and Text on your iPhone or iPod touch and upload them to an ever-increasing collection of blogging and social networking sites like
* Facebook
* Twitter
* YouTube
* Google Blogger
* Linkedin
* Flickr
* LiveJournal
* Windows LiveSpaces
* MySpace
* Picasa
* Typepad
* WordPress
* CellSpin
* Email to your friends
* CellSpin Community Blogs (Clogs)
* eBay Auctions
* and more site are added every month

Things You Can Do with CellSpin:

* Video blogging
* Photo blogging
* Voice blogging
* Text blogging

* Send video, photo, voice and text to both your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr activity stream and other blogging sites with one click!
* Use CellSpin as a voice notes application
* Use the "Browse & Upload Existing Media" button on the application to select and post pre-existing media from iPhone.
* Use MySpace MoBlog application from CellSpin
* Securely post video, photo, audio and text to live eBay auctions
* Podcast with a click of a button
* Record voice meeting minutes and post to a blog
* Share media on CellSpin community blogs ("clogs") on various discussion topics
* Record and post live events to blogs or clogs, becoming an on-the-scene journalist
* Create your own novel, fun, profitable uses

What will *you* do with CellSpin?.

NOTE : We don not convert your iPod product to have a Camera. But you can post pictures already existing on your iPod to cellSpin and other sites.