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Price $5.00
Description RemoteTap is the first and only "Mac Style" remote desktop management solution for Mac's. Watch the screen, control keyboard and mouse, listen to audio of any Mac in your local network.

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*** Recommended in MacWorld May 2009! ***

*** MacWorld Review (v1.6): 4 MICE! ***

If your router supports UPnP (or, you setup port forwarding manually), RemoteTap works over 3G/EDGE and Internet as well! RemoteTap works with Macs only, not with PC's running Windows or Linux. RemoteTap comes with a free Mac OS X preferences pane including highly optimized server software.

What is different in RemoteTap compared to traditional VNC clients? RemoteTap gives you access to many Mac specific features using an interface and controls optimized for small screen devices like iPhone and iPod touch. Take a look at the following examples of RemoteTap solutions, not just features:

APPLICATION CONTROL VIEW - Tired of scrolling around to launch, hide, or quit an application? Let RemoteTap do this work for you. Tap on the "Apps" button, and a list of all running (or all Dock / all installed) applications will transparently overlay the screen. Launch, hide, or quit any application with a single tap.

AUTOFOCUS - Tired of scrolling between different windows, alert panels, and menus? Let RemoteTap do the scrolling for you! It automatically focuses on the active window, zooming and scrolling the screen to make it fit. It even remembers the last zoom and scroll values for each window. This also works for menu windows and between different application.

USER EDITABLE KEYBOARDS - Wish you could adjust custom keyboards to your requirements? With the new RemoteTap you can do that! Even more, you can record keyboard macros and assign them to any key right no your iPhone or iPod. Design your own custom keyboards on your Mac using the RemoteTap Pref Pane and sync it back to your iPhone!

MAGNIFYING GLASS - Tired of trying to position the mouse cursor precisely? Let RemoteTap help you! Touch and hold in RemoteTap and within half a second a magnifying glass will appear showing the area around the mouse position in 4x zoom. Click, double click, or drag within the magnifying glass.

APPLE REMOTE - With one tap, RemoteTap will overlay the current Mac screen with a semi-transparent Apple Remote. Use the full screen remote while exactly watching the result in Front Row and all apps supporting remotes.

SPACES - RemoteTap let's you control OS X Spaces (virtual desktops) just like you see them on your Mac. The same works for multiple displays, see their size and arrangement exactly as in OS X and switch between them with a single tap.

AUDIO - Listen to what's going on around your Mac, or watch a flash or windows media video right on your Mac and iPhone/iPod touch. Use your Mac's built in microphone to record audio, or use the free Soundflower tool to capture application audio in full CD quality.

WAKUP / SLEEP - RemoteTap is the only VNC like app able to wake up your Mac before you login, and put your Mac to sleep when you are done.

Detailed setup instructions for usage within a local network and over Internet/3G/EDGE are available on our web site. If you still run into problems, drop our friendly support staff a line at (instead of writing a negative review which won't help you and us).