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Author Antoine Raux
Price Free
Description KNOWN ISSUES: The latest update (1.0.2) is likely to crash for contacts that have digits in the first or last name. I already submitted a fixed version to the App Store. In the meantime, you can create a "Cactus" group in your address book and include only those contacts that you want Cactus to recognize (so if you don't include contact names with digits in that group, Cactus will not crash).

Cactus is a free voice dialer for the iPhone. It allows you to call any contact in your address book by saying commands like:

* "Call Kate Bell"
* "Call Anna mobile"
* "Call David Jones at home"

Because Cactus runs completely on your device, it does not send any private information such as contact list to any server and works fast even on an EDGE data connection.

Customizable settings allow you to:

* tune the system's sensitivity by displaying one or several results for each command
* set the system to automatically launch calls or not
* use Main numbers by default for contacts that have several numbers

Cactus was written by Antoine Raux. It is based on PocketSphinx, an open source speech recognition engine for embedded devices developped at Carnegie Mellon University (big thanks to David Huggins-Daines, the main author of PocketSphinx).


Email feedback (at) for questions and comments.