Current Version Version: 1.5
Developer Jeffrey Lynch
Price $2.00
Filed Under Utility software
Age rating 4+
  • iPhone (Original)
  • iPod Touch
  • iPhone 3G


Optimized for typing with your iPhone or iPod touch held horizontally (landscape orientation), Sideways presents a wider keyboard, giving you extra room for increased typing speed and fewer mistakes. Tap the action button and send the text to Mail, Twitterrific or Twittelator.

• 5 user-selectable font sizes for easier authoring of text.
• Wider keyboard for better accuracy and increased typing speed.
• Text is saved between launches.
• Sideways provides more vertical space for typing than competing applications, including the built-in Mail application.
• User-selectable text magnification.
• Send to email (with option to use the first line of text as the subject).
• Send to Twitterrific or Twittelator.
• Handles all foreign and special characters.

Sideways can also be used to reply to or forward an email. Start in Mail and initiate the reply or forward. Open Sideways and type your text. Then just tap the "Send to Mail" action and the text will be inserted into the already-initiated message.

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