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Description Birdhouse is a notepad for Twitter. It's a simple, well-designed app for capturing your ideas, saving them for later, and publishing when ready. Birdhouse won't replace your favorite Twitter client, it'll add to it. Continue using your favorite Twitter client for keeping up with your friends. When you think of something to write that you don't want to post right away, Birdhouse is the perfect place to put it. FEATURES • Quickly jot down your ideas, just like in Notes. • Count down to 140 characters, just like in Twitter. • Save as many drafts as you want, revisit them later. • Save and publish from multiple Twitter accounts. • Capture your ideas offline, even in Airplane mode. • Rate drafts with stars and sort by best or by latest. • Unpublish the bad ones just as easily. • Back up everything through email. For demo video and more info, visit