Current Version Version: 4.0
Author Aesthology Inc.
Price $8.00
Description Organizer is an application that works just like a real organizer. You can write down text, create diagrams, use emoji and pictures and record contacts like you would write them down in your organizer. You can also record and play voice memos on the iPhone. It is the perfect tool to manage your daily schedule, to-do list, notes or diary. The new version of Organizer (version 4.0) can sync with “Calendar” app on your iPhone or iPod touch. It also supports alarms without network connectivity and complicated setup using the new local notification feature. Organizer can also import from Twitter. Most of the new features in Organizer version 4.0 requires iOS version 4.0 or later. Other features include the followings: - Sync with "Calendar" app - Sync with Google Calendar™ - Enter text (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough) with checkbox and bullets. - Enter events (including recurring events) - Insert emoticons (182 emoticons are supplied) - Insert photos by taking a picture from within Organizer (only on iPhone), or by importing it from the photo library. - Insert contacts from the address book. - Insert voice memo. - Insert shapes (line, freehand, rectangle, round rectangle and ellipse) - Monthly and weekly calendars. - List view with todo management (check/uncheck items, see open/all todos, etc) - Search functionality. - Backup and restore via "Organizer Sync" on Mac or PC. - Optional passcode protection. - Various options and options (go to “Settings” on home screen). - Shows holidays in 21 countries. - And many more! Visit our support page for the complete list of features and comprehensive user manual:

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