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Price $5.00
Description Listomni allows you to create and maintain all your life lists on iPhone.

Macworld - 4 out of 5 Mice
"The $7 app is almost comically feature-laden, allowing you to track everything from your to-do list to your grocery list to your budgets, and beyond."
"If you are the type that loves to have everything organized and want to keep it all handy on your iPhone, then Listomni is going to be your new best friend." - Paid App of the Week
"This is the best list app we've found so far."

Keep track of the GROCERIES you've got to buy, that list of things TO DO this weekend, all those BOOKS you've been meaning to read, the MOVIES you've been meaning to see, artists or song titles of that MUSIC your friend recommended. Keep track of all those GIFT ideas for others, and Gifts people have given you, not to mention who you need to send Greeting CARDS to.

Watching your budget? Create a BUDGET List. Many Lists now support pricing fields so you can keep track of what your spending where, and keep under budget.

Got something else to keep track of? No problem, create a SIMPLE CHECKLIST list to track whatever you want!

Key features:
-Create as many lists as you want
-Find items fast by searching your list
-Never type an item twice
-Group and Sort list items the ways you want
-Email whole lists, or just a few list items at a time
-Organize lists in folders
-Customize the tab bar for quick access to your most used lists
-Check items off lists to get them out of your way
-Protect your lists with a combination lock
-Fully Illustrated Searchable Help
-Shows the number of unchecked items in each list and in the app
-Protect your data offline with Backups

Listomni is really fourteen apps in one. Each List Type has unique features and fields to help keep you organized and maximize your time and money.

-Preloaded dictionary of over 700 common items
-We group items on your list by section so you don't have to backtrack in the store
-Hide checked items so they're out of your way
-Organize the store sections to match your local store
-Browse the dictionary by section to jog your memory of what you forgot
-Keep lists of frequent recipe ingredients to quickly add to your list
-Total costs of planned purchases
-Color code item by if they're on sale or if you have a coupon
-Schedule Items to automatically add to your list

-Group tasks category, priority or due date
-Color code tasks by priority or category
-Create your own categories and subcategories
-Call people right from your To Do List
-Schedule Recurring Tasks

-Keep track of what you've been meaning to get who
-Search for gifts quickly on Google without any retyping
-Keep a Budget of what you're spending on Gifts throughout the year

-Keep track of who gave you what at the celebration so you can send thank you Cards

-Keep track of who to send Greeting card to through the year

-Track what you've read, what you want to read, what you want to buy
-Search for books, music or movies on Google
-Keep track of your DVD collection
-Total costs of planned purchases

-Keep track of what you're spending on what

-Track your vehicles' mileage, and what you're spending on gas

-Build packing lists for common trips that you take
-Keep a weight budget to maximize your baggage allowance
-Remember commonly forgotten items by browsing the item dictionary by common travel activities (tags)

-Keep all those Loyalty Program numbers handy