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Description FarSomething gives you access to all of your Mac's files, wherever you are. With access to your whole Mac at any time, you don't have to remember to take files with you. To you this app, you must also install the Mac application - see • Access your Mac's files from anywhere • Browse your whole Mac, including network drives, with an elegant, Finder-style interface • View documents, images, media files and more • Search your whole Mac with Spotlight • Download files to your phone from anywhere, for times when you have no network access • Email files and folders from your Mac without even being there. No need to download them to your iPhone first! • Take photos through your Mac's iSight camera • Also connect to your Mac from any web browser, for times when you have a computer nearby. The iPhone is great, but a big screen is better when you have one! This isn't another Air Sharing or Briefcase - it's different because you have access to your whole Mac, plus any connected drives, all the time. You can copy files to your iPhone if you want to - say if you're going to be on a plane - but most of the time you won't bother; just connect straight to your Mac! This is the free iPhone client for our Mac remote access application - see As well as working with your iPhone, it lets you do all this from any web browser on the net. This means you can access your Mac from Windows and Linux too! Fast: - works over 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi - turn off custom icons for extra performance over slow connections Secure: - protected with your Mac's login and password - all communication is encrypted Clever: View files your phone can't normally handle, like high-res images, Photoshop files and RTF/RTFD Viewable files: - iWork (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) - Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) - PDF - RTF and RTFD - Plain Text (any file extension) - Web Archives - Images: all standard formats plus any file your Mac understands, including Photoshop. High-resolution images are handled. - Audio and Video: standard iPhone formats Advanced Features: - list view as well as icon view - view hidden files - show all file extensions - open packages WHAT NOT TO EXPECT: - You can't play video files your iPhone cannot handle. The iPhone only plays certain types of video - if you can't sync it iTunes, you won't be able to play it in this app either. Applications like Handbrake will help you convert video to iPhone format.