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Description For the second year running Better Christmas List is the premier app for organizing Christmas and holiday shopping. With Better Christmas List your holiday shopping for family and friends will be on budget, on time and on target. No more blown budgets, missed relatives, or forgotten gifts! - "As seen in your local Apple store!" - "A Premium Shopping Experience" - AppReviews [Great Organization] - The best Christmas Shopping experience on your iPhone. - Create separate groups for family, friends, colleagues etc. - Count down to Christmas - Colorful icons show who's set and who's not. - Passcode feature to prevent prying eyes :) - AddressBook integration - Todo list gives a complete overview of your shopping. [Easy Budgeting] - Set and track budgets. - Quickly see where your money is going. - Color coding shows where you're over budget. - Balance and shuffle budgets to meet your overall target. - Set budgets for groups, or individuals. [Archive Feature] - Move old gifts into the archive - Keep track of who got what in the years ahead. - Use past gifts for inspiration for other people. [The Best Choice] - Top selling app for two years in a row - Eight feature-packed updates in 18 months. - If you ever need it, support response within 24 hours. [Sample of Reviews] - "This app is in its second year and it's now even harder to find a reason not to buy it" - "The festive UI is fun, the features great, and the price hard to beat" - "Everything you could need to manage your Christmas Shopping, and a little more" Dec 4th We've noticed an a strange number of 1-star reviews over the past few weeks. If you're considering giving us a low-review please let us know why by mailing We'd love to know your reasons and how you think we could improve our product. Thanks!