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Price $3.00
Description ★★★ Notificant is on sale for a limited time at a discount of 40%! ★★★ Notificant is the simplest, fastest, and most elegant way to send reminders to yourself on your iPhone, Mac, and email inbox. It has been crafted with love and care and one look at its user interface will convince you that you need this app on your iPhone yesterday! The iPhone app gives you access to all your upcoming and archived notifications and allows you to create new ones within seconds. The notifications can be set to fire on your current iPhone or on any of the other iOS devices or Macs you may own. You can even have Notificant send you an email to remind you of tasks. 
 ✓ Extremely simple UI that makes it a breeze to create notifications. ✓ Access to all upcoming and archived notifications. ✓ Syncing with the web app ensures you have access to all your notifications at all times. ✓ Remotely create and fire notifications on other Macs or iOS devices. ✓ Email notifications to yourself from within the app. ✓ Choose from a selection of nine unique and pleasant notification sounds.
 ✓ Localized in French, German, and Japanese.
 ACCLAIM FOR NOTIFICANT “I have been using your software for about three weeks and I just cannot live without it anymore. It’s brilliant and simple. Just perfect!” —Benoit Desroches, a satisfied user “I love Notificant: no GTD, no complicated interface. Just simple reminders to do stuff no matter where you are or which device you’re using.” —David Chartier, Macworld “Notificant for iPhone makes reminders simple, and available anywhere. It’s simple, well-designed, and focused on one feature: enabling you to be notified of the things you care about.” —Frederico Viticci, MacStories “If you’re not too gung-ho on high-end productivity software but still want reminders to get stuff done in a simple and effective manner while on the go or at home, then Notificant is the perfect option.” —Mike Vardy, The Next Web Notificant is available separately as a Mac application and can be purchased from the Mac App Store by visiting this link: 
For more information and to get help, visit us at If you like using Notificant, please consider leaving us a review. Thank you.