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Price $5.00
Description Sync In A Blink is a simple and easy to use application designed to synchronize your Google Gmail Contacts with the contacts on your iPhone. All you need to get started is your Gmail account. No additional online services are required and none of your data is stored outside of your iPhone and Gmail account.

- Google sync clears all iPhone contacts when setting up the account and when removing an account. Sync In A Blink merges your contacts so that none are lost.
- Google sync limits contacts to 3 email addresses and does not use labels for e-mail addresses (i.e. Home, Mobile, Work, etc...). Sync In A Blink has no limit and allows labels.
- Sync In A Blink allows you to sync specific groups and exclude others, Google Sync synchronizes all "My Contacts" and has no group filtering.
- Sync In A Blink provides group management on your iPhone, allowing you to add and remove contacts from groups.
- Sync In A Blink provides a complete history and backup of all syncs, from which you may restore contacts or contact details at anytime
- Sync In A Blink provides a comprehensive conflict management screen for when conflicts do arise while syncing - for example if you changed the same phone number on the same contact on your iPhone and on Gmail. This feature gives YOU full control over what information is merged.
- Sync In A Blink allows you to merge contacts right from your iPhone. There is no need to go online to do this.
- Over the air sync - no need to connect your iPhone to your computer.
- Completely stand-alone solution which does not require additional online service.
- Support for regular Gmail accounts and Google Apps accounts.
- Two way syncing.
- Support for large contact lists up to 2000 contacts (unofficially will work with even more, but is data dependent).
- Group syncing
- Conflict resolution (when a contact is changed on both sides).
- CSV file backups of your contacts which you can e-mail to yourself.
- History log will show all the details of every sync event. For example, you will be able to see a list of all contacts that were modified on your iPhone by Sync In A Blink. And you will be able to see the before and after of each modified contact.
- Ability to restore a contact from your history log.
- Sync contact images
- Merging contacts - Select two or more contacts to merge and Sync In A Blink will help you combine them into one contact. This will help remove any duplicate contacts you have in your list.
- Ability to change groups for a contact
- Compatible with Microsoft Exchange or MobileMe
- Works over 3G, Edge and WIFI data networks, allowing you to sync wherever you want.

See our website for full documentation at

Also visit our support forum at should you have any issues with our software. We will be more than happy to assist you to resolve your problem.

Before doing your initial sync, please read the documentation. It contains a lot of information to help you with your first sync. When merging contacts you could get some conflicts when you sync for the first time. The documentation explains the options available to you for your first sync.

You can give us your suggestions for future releases on our support forum -