Current Version Version: 2.2.1
Author Aesthology Inc.
Price $2.00
Description Finger Memo is a breakthrough handwriting and doodling tool with unlimited canvas size! You can write anything you want, as much as you want and anywhere you want! Zoom and auto-scroll and fast-scroll features also let you enter strokes without any stress!

The new version allows you to dial a phone number, write an email or open a URL from within Finger Memo. Shake your iPhone or iPod touch to access this feature.

Other features include:
- Infinite canvas size
- Unlimited undo & redo
- Auto-scrolling; scroll automatically until your finger is released.
- Option to set the delay of auto-scroll
- Option to set the speed of auto-scroll
- Two-finger scroll
- Fast Scroll
- Zoom in/out by pinch gesture
- Show/hide grid
- 3 colors pen + eraser
- Options to change the brush & eraser size
- Touch-and-hold color & eraser buttons to change size
- Supports landscape mode
- Up to 120 canvas
- Duplicate canvas
- Show thumbnail previews
- Show note in thumbnail preview
- Option to change preview size
- Export to Photo Library
- Option to adjust touch coordinate
- Show number of canvases in application badge
- Passcode to protect private information - Rearrange canvas by touch-and-hold and drag-and-drop in corkboard view.
- Double-tap (or touch-and-hold) canvas to zoom in/out.
- Shake device to undo all or zoom out.
- Show entire canvas in preview.
- Start with blank canvas when launching Finger Memo.
- Dial a phone, write an email or open a URL from within Finger Memo [New!]

** Use "Settings" on the home screen to change Finger Memo's settings:

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