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Price Free
Description A magic web browser with many amazing features:

- Copy and paste an entire paragraph (block) of text together and send it to email.

- Set your home page. One of the feature which you can't find on Safari or any other browser.

- Landscape mode with full screen view. Shake your device to show or hide tool bars.

- Save documents for offline viewing. Supported file formats:
+ Microsoft Word (.DOC)
+ Microsoft Excel (.XLS)
+ Text files (.TXT, .RTF)
+ Text from web page (.HTML)
+ Image files (.PNG, .JPEG, .GIF).
Saving files happens asynchronously so you still can surf the web while downloading your large files.

- Real tabbed browsing:
+ Single touch to add a new tab.
+ Single touch to go the next or previous tab. This is cool, isn't it?
+ Single touch to go to your home page.
+ Single touch to delete unused tab.
+ Single touch to stop loading a web page.

- Export (print screen) any portion of a web page as a photo your photo album. From there, you can email the photo or sync it with your computer. Clip web pages and send to EverNote.

- One input text box for you to naturally type in anything, either an URL or search keywords for search.

- Bookmark your favorite web pages and organize them into folders.

- All the tabs are saved and will be reloaded the next time you launch the app.

That's the magic of iBlueAngel.

A brief user manual is available at
We highly recommend that you to read the user manual so that the powerful features of iBlueAngel can leverage your web surfing experience.

Also visit the website above for questions and 24/7 technical support.

***** Reviews from AppVee *****
Unlike the other web browser apps we’ve had a chance to review, this app could actually compete with Safari.....This app offers some great new features that we haven’t seen before on the iPhone and others that we haven’t had all in one package......This is a must have app for everyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch.
(Video is also available at the above link)