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Description SEND PERSONALIZED EMAIL AND SMS MESSAGES USING STATIONERY If you spend a lot of time answering emails and replying to text messages (SMS), then Maildash for iPhone and iPod Touch is the app you've been waiting for. With Maildash, you'll be firing off emails and SMS in rapid succession, on stationery templates, without all the tedious typing on that small touchpad. To begin using Maildash, just select a name from your address book then choose a pre-formatted message and tap send. It’s as simple as that. For example, if you would like to write John Doe a quick note, go into the templates and select {Hi first name,}, this quickly becomes “Hi John”. Next select a prewritten message. Then tap the “send” button. That’s it. The recipient will never know how fast and easy this was for you since all outgoing messages are personalized with names, current times, dates, and greetings. Replying to an incoming email is just as simple. First read the email in your normal mail app. Tap the “Reply” button and leave the reply open. Tap the home button and launch Maildash. Choose a subject message and tap the “Reply” button. Your message is inserted into the open reply field. What you choose from the scrolling list is the subject of the longer response. If you choose “Be there soon”, what gets sent is “Hi (original sender’s name), I’ll be there soon. I am running a little late.” Find yourself writing to the same people or groups of people over and over again? Make your shortcuts even shorter by adding them to the “Favorites” category. This convenient option works like the iPhone’s phone number “Favorites”. Simply choose an address and a message, and Maildash will do the rest. Maildash does SMS better than any other app. Using the iPhone 3.0 message app, Maildash automatically supports all carriers. Or you can send free text messages to your friends through email to SMS gateways. 100 mobile service providers are supported around the world (view a list at With Maildash on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can custom design your own stationery. If you don't see a message that fits the situation, just type your own personal message on the keyboard; or edit one of the pre-formatted phrases that have been included. Customizing your email has never been simpler. With the Template Editor, you can create your own unique phrases; and multiple formal and casual email signatures as well. Never again will you have to reduce your regular dialogue to a jumble of alphabet soup-like SMS speak and abbreviations. With Maildash on your iPhone or iPod Touch, the only thing that will be abbreviated is the amount of time that it takes you to respond to them. IF YOU LIVE IN NEW ZEALAND be advised that there is currently no supported Email-to-SMS gateway in Maildash for New Zealand, however native SMS works just fine. GENERAL FEATURES • Quickly send Email or SMS messages using stationery • Personalizes messages using mailmerge substitutions and signatures • Favorites/Recents/Groups lists - choose an address or group quickly • Customizable Templates - make your own message stationery • Customizable Snippets - make your own shortcuts • Customizable Tabs at bottom of screen EMAIL FEATURES • Send mail-merged, personalized Emails to Groups of people (requires iPhone OS 3) • Send Email without leaving the Maildash app (requires iPhone OS 3) • Send quick replies to incoming email SMS FEATURES • Send native SMS messages via the iPhone 3.0 Messages app • Include optional SMS signature TEMPLATE FEATURES • Templates can have default email addresses and/or phone numbers attached • Choose different languages for Templates/Snippets using a new globe button • Templates include Subject and Body fields