Current Version Version: 3.1
Author Ricardo Lira Matte
Price $10.00
Description The successful 11C Scientific RPN calculator, with all the features of the real one.

Over 120 built-in functions including :
- Hyperbolic and Inverse hyperbolic Trig functions.
- Probability permutations and combinations.
- Factorial, absolute, integer & fractional.
- Index register for indirect operations.
- User mode to run program labels.
- Random number generator.
- % change, % of total
- Cumulative statistical analysis & Linear regression
- Hour minute second conversion.
- Polar, rectangular conversion.
- etc....

A must have Classic !!!; with the following added features for the iPhone/ iPod Touch :
- Full Portrait and Landscape layouts.
- Device's orientation sensitive.
- Touch "11C Scientific" logo to show the options menu:
* Quick reference back label view.
* Memory content view
* Program Save/Load view
* Settings view
* General information view
- Touch the Display to Copy and Paste.
- Free support & updates

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