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Description It is surprising how much you can do in two minutes.

One of the key disciplines of the GTD ® process is the 2-minute rule:

“Do it. If an action will take less than two minutes, it should be done at the moment it is defined.”

So Get Things Done. Respond to emails. Do your online banking. Read an article. Make a phone call.

2 minute timer will help you to learn the skill of judging 2 minute tasks by giving you the simplest possible way to measure how long they take.

One tap on the application icon and your 2 minute timer will run. You will see the scroll wheels ticking down to show you how much time you have left.

In the spirit of GTD ®, there is an absolute minimum of fuss. One tap will launch the application and start the timer.

Of course, you might want to time other tasks, so if you want to time a longer or shorter period then simply scroll the minute wheel or the seconds wheel to change the alarm.

That's one tap for a two minute timer, and one scroll for any other time period.

It's perfect for getting things done - one tap and your two minutes starts.

Your timer is displayed with the animated wheel showing the countdown.

Fully Customisable:
-Would you like 2 Minute Timer to start with a different default timer length?
-When you set a new timer on the minute wheel, do you want the seconds to reset to zero?
-Do you want the timer wheel to tick as it counts down?
-It is easy to set all of these preferences and more.

Flexible Alerts:
-Pick from a selection of alert sounds, from a traditional beep to the factory whistle or howling wolf.
-Select the number of times your alert should sound
-Set vibration on or off

You will be surprised at how much YOU can do in 2 Minutes!


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