Current Version Version: 1.2.2
Author Volker Funke
Price $2.00
Description On the road and forgot the charger for your cell phone? Just went shopping and you forgot the butter?
Save time and avoid forgetting things.
Tanjas Checklist provides an easy to use checklist organization.

Usable as a Shopping List, ToDo List or Task Management all in one.


- Create individual checklists from scratch or by using your own templates and already existing items
- Easy item organization, just touch any item in your list and add it to your template or checklist
- Templates and checklists with subcategories (unlimited number of hierarchy levels)
- Overview of completed tasks and remaining task

Use the iPhone's Settings to customize your App:
- Organize checklists, templates and items alphabetically or manually
- Use your own color combinations

Keywords: Shopping LIst, shoppinglist, to do list

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