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Price $2.00
Description Do you like to keep memos? Do you want them organized? If so, Memo Book is for you!

Memo Book is an iPhone application that lets you write free-formatted memos and organize them using labels. You can assign as many labels to a memo as you desire. Now, you can keep your professional, and personal memos separate as well as identifying common themes across them.

Memo Book also keeps track of the date that your memo was created as well as the last time you modified it. You can easily add, modify, and delete any memos or labels. And if you don’t like the order in which your memos and labels are displayed, Memo Book allows you to reorder them.

- Free-formated memos
- Multi-label categorization
- Smart Labels
- Operates in landscape or portrait mode
- Timestamps: date created and date last modified
- Automatic titling
- Emailing memos
- Label sorting
- Memo sorting
- Memo search
- Exporting memos to a desktop/laptop computer using an Internet browser
- Importing memos from a desktop/laptop computer using an Internet browser
- Importing memos exported from the Palm Desktop application (experimental feature)

Note: If you wish to import memos/notes from the Palm Desktop application for the Mac, please contact support for an Automator conversion application.

Next major release will include synchronization.

Please contact us if you have any difficulties with Memo Book or suggestions for features you would like to see in a future version. We're not out to 'cheat' anyone, and we genuinely want our product to be useful to our users.