Author Generic Company Place Holder
Price $1.00
Description iSignature provides a quick and simple solution to the lack of multiple email signatures.

iSignature allow you to create and use one of eight signatures with the option to use HTML and/or attach a picture to your signature. iSignature effectively turns the process of using multiple signatures into a two tap process:

• Tap iSignature to launch the application and display the eight signature choices
• Tap the desired signature to open a new Mail composition window with the selected signature pre-filled at the bottom of the message

Each signature can contain multiple lines, optionally with HTML formatting and/or a picture.

If you would like to select from multiple emails with pre-entered To, Subject, Cc, Bcc, and body fields, please check out iSignature's sister product, iQuickMail.

• 8 signatures.
• Support for special characters and HTML tags.
• Support for including a picture from the device's Photo library.
• Support for reply/forward emails
• Support for composing and sending the email from within iSignature or using the Mail application.

The eight signature entries are created/edited in the iSignature application, not in the global Settings application. To edit an entry, tap the round blue ">" icon on the right side of each signature item.