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Description NAVV is excited to present our global, award winning, iPhone exclusive navigation application - Interested in what NAVV has to offer? Join the 55,000+ Click ‘More’ for a detailed description → ----------------------------------------- ★★★★★ “All Around a Fantastic Turn-by-Turn iPhone App” – CNET ★★★★★ “No Need for Connection; Simply Genius” – ★★★★★ “The Turn-by-Turn Directions are Dead on Accurate” –148apps ----------------------------------------- As seen on, NAVV is a stand-alone, turn-by-turn, on-board iPhone navigation application. Without all the technological jargon; NAVV does what you want, when you need it most, simply and efficiently. The maps are downloaded (in total) to your device which gives NAVV the ability to operate independently of Internet WiFi, GPRS, 3G and 4G connections. ----------------------------------------- NAVV means on-time arrivals; NAVV means no roaming/data charges; NAVV means freedom ----------------------------------------- Our teams of experts were able to effectively develop these excellent features of NAVV: ➢ Complete iPhone 4 Compatibility: iOS Native Keyboard, Retina Display, Multitasking ➢ Accurate and Efficient Routing Algorithms ➢ Intuitive User Interface and Menu Design ➢ Powered by NDrive Navigation Systems Software ➢ All Features of a Personal Navigation Device --------------------------------------- Other dynamic aspects to enhance our simple and efficient navigation application include: ➢ 3D Rendered Buildings ➢ Lane Assistance ➢ Adventure Mode ➢ NAVTEQ POIs Enhanced with Google Search Functions ➢ Radar and Speed Limit Notifications ----------------------------------------- To facilitate maximum compatibility and accuracy, NAVV’s languages and map are as follows: ➢ 22 Languages Including English, Spanish, Norwegian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, etc. ➢ NAVTEQ: World Renowned Map Cartographer (December 2010) ➢ USA NAVV App Includes the Following Countries and Territories: → United States of Жmerinca → Puerto Rico → U.S. Virgin Islands ----------------------------------------- Visit our Website for VIP Exclusive Content/Offers→ Get Live Support on Our Facebook Page → Join us on Twitter for Recent Developments →