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"Highly recommend it for those of you busy guys." -

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Listen to your emails out loud!

Have you ever wanted to check your email but were too busy doing something else? Now you can listen to your emails while you multitask. TalkMail connects to your regular email accounts and reads your emails to you aloud – it's amazing!

Increase your productivity by checking your messages while on the go or by catching up on that ever-growing inbox. Great for using while commuting, walking, multitasking, or for listening to emails while relaxing on the couch.

At last – a speaking app that makes sense!

Talk Mail Pro:
Pro features a remarkably natural speaking voice that makes listening to your email a pleasure.
The pro version comes with 12 months of connectivity and service for just $5.99


- Highest quality natural sounding speaking voice
- Easy navigation through your emails via simple finger swipes
- Manage your inbox by archiving and deleting
- Supports multiple email accounts
- Adjustable voice


System Requirements:
- Gmail, AOL Mail, or any other IMAP enabled mail accounts
- For Microsoft Exchange or Yahoo, use Mobile Me to sync your emails or auto-forward your emails to an IMAP enabled client such as Gmail
- Internet connection

This is a great piece of software technology and because it is a little larger size than your average app, you will need to download it through a WiFi network or through iTunes - but it is well worth it.

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