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Price $2.00
Description The most extensive and easy to use unit conversion utility ever available for a mobile device, even for a desktop computer. It is an absolute world record !!!!. More than 3,900 units grouped in 74 categories including more than 70 universal and atomic constants. This made possible to do more than 1,900,000 direct conversions and more than 900 millions with prefix.

Simply select one of the 74 categories, use the keyboard to type the value you want to convert, select the input and output units and prefix values and touch the convert button. it's that simple.

The iPhone & iPod touch version include the following features :
· Each unit has a short description.
· Select Favorites units of common use in a separate User's units database.
· Selectable database to use, the default complete one or the User's favorite units database.
· Build a table with all the available conversions within any selected category.
· Automatic conversion of every unit to the S.I. system.
· Selectable decimal and thousand separator number format.
· Selectable fixed decimal or scientific notation number format.
· Selectable number of rounding decimals up to 12.
· Summary text showing a comprehensive conversion result.
· Settings and last data input saved for the next application's execution.
· Special commands to "Swap" the input and output values and units.
· "1/x" function for reciprocal conversions.