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"The Dial 9 visual dialer has a nice GUI and a couple of clever features, all for a reasonable price." - Mel Martin, TUAW

Make your iPhone a little bit smarter.

Dial 9 tracks the ways in which you contact your friends and associates and makes your most frequent methods easily available with your choice of 1, 3 or 5 "Smart Choices." Dial 9 will track any phone calls, email messages, websites visited, SMS messages initiated within the application making it your central hub of activity.

Dial 9 provides 7 colorful backgrounds 3 textures that you can use as backgrounds. Mix and match to designate different categories: leather for work contacts, blue for college friends, brushed metal for your motorcycle buddies. Additionally, you can choose to label your contacts by first name, last name or 4 other choices. You can put up to 9 contacts on any page for a total of 90 contacts.

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