Current Version Version: 1.02
Author Noah Harlan
Price Free
Description **** We're thrilled to have version 1.02 live. This version fixes the bug that was causing a crash for some of our international users. Please contact us if you are still having difficulty! ****

The Party Planner is a great tool for anyone planning on throwing a party. Enter in some basic information about the party you’re throwing and the planner will make your shopping list for you! It tells you exactly how much to buy of each type of liquor, mixers, cups, ice - even garnishes! Save yourself a headaches and money, the Party Planner is powerful enough for professional party planners yet easy enough to use for everyone. The Party Planner was designed by a professional restauranteur with years of experience running nightclubs, restaurants and catering operations. Whether you are throwing an office party, wedding or bar mitvah, a cocktail party at home or even a huge bash at a nightclub, this application will work for you.

Some of the features of the Party Planner:

1. You Pick The Liquor: You can select any liquors you do, or don’t, want to serve. Not a fan of tequila? No problem, turn it off and the calculator adjusts all the formulas so you’ll have the right amount of everything else!

2. Specialty Drinks Included: Party Planner include three of the most popular specialty drinks - Cosmopolitans, Apple Martinis, and Margaritas. Select any (or all) of the specialty drinks and the application adjusts the amount and types of alcohol, mixers and garnishes you need.

3. Champagne: Serving champagne as well? No problem, just select it and let the app help you decide on how many bottles you’ll need.

4. Other Options: Select whether or not it is a “heavy” drinking crowd and the Party Planner will adjust the quantities for you. Also, tell the Party Planner whether or not you’ll be chilling the mixers in advance and the application will adjust the amount of ice you need. We’ve thought of everything so you won’t forget anything!

5. Save & Email Lists: Once you’ve selected what you want you can either save the list in the application or email it to yourself or anyone else you like.

Please note: The Party Planner is NOT a drinking guide and is not meant to instruct you on how much to drink, simply how much to purchase so as to have a properly stocked bar for any function. As always, use your own judgement and follow any laws or regulations where you are located when it comes to alcohol purchase and consumption.

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