Current Version Version: 3.0
Author Csaba Kertesz
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Description 90% OFF THIS WEEK ONLY! Concise English Dictionary is a premium quality reference for the English language. It is fast, reliable, up-to-date and really easy to use. You will love it! "The app’s clean interface, speed, and size make it a compelling and useful addition to the iPhone or iPod touch." - Ben Boychuk, MACWORLD ***** It is developed by the author of the best-selling English Dictionary for Symbian and Blackberry, UIQ Open and Handango People's Choice award winner! FEATURES ● Concise English Dictionary uses one of the largest English dictionary database. It includes up to 250,000 entries and more than 1.6 million words ● 134,000 pronunciation guides in International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) ● Content sensitive IPA pronunciation symbol assistance (just tap the pronunciation guides to open it) ● Clear and precise definitions ● Apart from "everyday" words and definitions, Concise English Dictionary also includes biographical and geographical data, technical and scientific terms and more ● Thesaurus functionality with word links ● Sample sentences show you how to use the words in your own speaking and writing ● Fast look-ups, snappy user interface, smoothly scrolling screens ● Editable history/bookmarks function ● Word Shake - shake the device to look up random words! ● Designed specifically for iPhone/iPod touch ● No internet connection required

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