Current Version Version: 3.28
Author Ivan Ovcharenko
Price $1.00
Description Craigslist Pro is the ultimate Craigslist browser with plenty of features and options. You can simultaneously search in multiple cities, preview the results with thumbnail photos and item descriptions, or see a "wall of photos" from ads matching your search. You can post to Craigslist using this app and manage your Craigslist account as well (including editing, reposting, deleting, and undeleting previously posted ads). Add photos to your Craigslist ads using Craigslist Pro. Use either pictures taken with your iPhone Camera or those stored in your Photo Albums. If you have multiple Craigslist accounts, you can register and use all of them. You can save a fully-configured search to the archive of saved searches. You can also repeat any of the search queries by simply tapping the bookmarks button. The tracking system of saved searches records the time when you run a search. When you repeat the search at a later time, there will be a "new item" indicator alongside the new matches. Craigslist Pro includes the Adult and Personals sections of Craigslist. It's rated 17+ due to the unfiltered access to Craigslist. If you found an interesting posting, you can email it to either yourself or your friend using the built-in email program. If you want to contact a poster, there is a Reply option for that too. (Craigslist Pro is aware of the reCaptcha authorization when replying to Personals, and will assist you with that.) To personalize your Craigslist experience, the app features Color Templates including "Blue Sky", "Classic", "Elegant Pink", and "Nature Green". There are some Craigslist postings that we just can't keep to ourselves. If you stumble upon one of these, use the embedded Twitter engine to share a posting with the world on Twitter. With billions of listings at Craigslist, finding an item of interest requires customized searches. Craigslist Pro provides 20+ enhanced search options to help you with that. You can also sort the results by date, match, or price. In metropolitan areas, Craigslist Pro is capable of narrowing down the search to a specific neighborhood. Craigslist Pro will detect phone numbers in postings, so you can call the poster from within the application. You can use Google maps to see where the posted item is located or to retrieve directions from your current location. If you want to scroll through multiple photos attached to a posting, just tap on a picture thumbnail or tilt your iPhone/iPod horizontally. From there, you will be able to save photos to your Photo Album. You can save any Craigslist posting to the list of your Favorites. If you are looking for a car, for example, you can save several car listings of interest to your Favorites, and return to them at your convenience. Not only that, but you can also add comments to your Favorite ads, so you can keep track of your communications with the posters. Finally, when you need a bit of entertainment, Craigslist Pro features the "Best of Craigslist" category where all outrageously hilarious postings reside. We are constantly adding new features and functions to Craigslist Pro to make is the easiest way to browse Craigslist for you. Some of the recent additions include: • "Pinch and zoom" feature for in detail photo view • "Already seen" listing indicators • Time since posted indicators • Photo Wall • Recent cities & categories • Edit saved searches • Flag inappropriate and best-of-craigslist ads • "Pull to refresh" from the results view page • Shake-to-search Why do the reviewers love the app? The NY Times recommends Craigslist Pro and calls it a "wicked" app. says "Craigslist Pro isn’t just a website wrapper; it takes searching, posting, and managing your Craigslist account to a whole new level." "

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