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Description Brought to you by I Love Typography, The Font Game HD brings the smash hit rapid-fire typeface-identifying game natively to your iPad. The Font Game HD expands the iPhone game with larger samples, more game modes, and lots of surprises. Train your eye by identifying more than 1000 font samples, and play quickly to secure a spot on the Hall of Fame! The Classic Font Game: The original game you know and love. It's you versus 30 font samples in a battle of wits and willpower. Scale in, scour the details, analyze the names, and make your choice—but beware! The clock is ticking. There’s no time limit, but the faster your fingers and the sharper your senses, the higher your total score. Was the last round a walk in the park? Up the ante with a new level of difficulty. The Flip Font Game (iPad exclusive): The Classic Font Game is reversed with this brand new mode exclusive to the iPad! This time around you get the name, and must wield your powers of observation to analyze four samples. Tick tock goes the clock, so be swift and shrewd in your selection. The Terminology Game: Abrupt or adnate? Open counter or double dagger? This time around, terminology is the name of the game. Choose the right term for each visual definition. You'll be faced with everything from anatomy to serifs to some rather more obscure symbols. Do your homework and impress your fellow designers at your next critique. The Match Game (iPad exclusive): Test your memory with a few rounds of this new mode. Flip two cards to make a match. No timer, no problem! Sound like a piece of cake? Don’t be fooled! The Match Game is full of surprises and not for the faint of heart! Save your Favorites: Love the look of that sans? Want to remember that script for your website redesign? Want to study up for your next round? Go through your game answers and save font samples to your Favorites list. Game Center-Enabled: The Font Game now utilizes Game Center to track high scores. Choose quickly and wisely to score more total points and prove your typographic prowess. Other Features: Check your answers after each round • Scale every font sample in the game • Rotate the game to view the samples in fullscreen • Three levels of difficulty: Somewhat Difficult, Rather Difficult, and Exceedingly Difficult • Boasting is not only welcome, it's encouraged! Tweet your score directly from the app • Love the fonts and want to find more? Visit the websites of the foundries that provided samples for the game • Change the match card background pattern • Adjust your settings to highlight answers as you play • View both your guesses and answers to see where you went wrong Exhilarating, addictive, educational, and fun—download the The Font Game HD today. Brought to you by I Love Typography, the world's most popular fonts and typography blog. Visit for more details, and visit to get your daily dose of typographic goodness!