Current Version Version: 1.1
Author Geoff Chatterton
Price $1.00
Description An accelerometer-based ruler. Finally a useful "tape measure" is available for the iPod Touch and iPhone!

• Selected as an Apple Staff Favorite, 2/24!

• #5 "iPhone Apps for the Home", Newsday 3/4

It's easier to see than to explain -- to watch the video and see AccelaRuler in action, just search for "accelaruler" on YouTube.

There is a little bit of technique involved, so PLEASE watch the tutorial video and follow the instructions. There is also a video tutorial under the info button in the app itself.

Unlike other measuring applications, AccelaRuler is not just a tiny picture of an even tinier ruler. AccelaRuler measures real things in the real world using sophisticated processing and your built-in accelerometer to estimate distances. AccelaRuler can be used to measure distances ranging from a couple of inches to 15 feet or more. Measurement accuracy is up to 2% of the actual distance, and AccelaRuler will estimate any error range for you.

• Measures distances from a few inches to 15 feet or more

• Measures at any angle, including vertically

• Measurements accurate up to 2% of the actual distance

• Measures and converts between inches, feet, and meters

See for more information, including videos of AccelaRuler in action!

Note that AccelaRuler is designed to estimate distances while sliding on flat surfaces. It will not work well carried in your hand.

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