Current Version Version: 1.11
Author the binary family GmbH
Price $2.00
Description Trivia: Knowledge Trainer is a quiz that stimulates your brain with 6,000 high-quality, challenging questions. ***BENEFIT SALE*** Get Trivia at 60%, with all profits benefiting children with special needs, Sep 30-Oct 2 ONLY! In collaboration with App Cap Award, TWiT iPad Today. App of the Week, Lafayette Times. "The trivia is a cut above." Each lesson tests your wits with 10 questions from 10 different categories. The difficulty level depends on you: get an answer right, you'll move up a level. A wrong answer leads to an easier question. But you'll want to move up to improve your Knowledge Quotient, recalculated after every round. More features: • With 6000 questions, it’s hard to run out! • 5 difficulty levels, 10 categories • Review function for missed questions • Save progress for 1-3 players • Universal app with Retina support Our promise: the smartest, most interesting trivia in the App Store. But don't take our word for it: check out the user reviews!

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