Current Version Version: 3.0.2
Author Z2Live, Inc
Description "...this may just be the best social game we’ve seen on the iPhone yet." - Gamezebo "Trade Nations.. sets itself apart with a gorgeous art style and the ability to assign jobs to your little citizens" - AppStorm Create your own small village and grow it into a sprawling city in Trade Nations! Harvest raw resources, refine them, and create goods to amass a fortune. Trade goods and services with your friends to grow even faster. With over 14 different jobs for your villagers to perform, you can fine-tune your village to become as efficient and productive as possible. • Over 60 buildings and decorations to choose from as you grow from a small village to a bustling city. • Build houses for your villagers, give them jobs, and create a productive society. • Participate in a marketplace for goods where prices are driven by true supply and demand! • Make friends, visit their Nations, and trade resources! • Manage multiple resources to grow your Nation. • Use Magic Beans to make jobs complete in record time!

 Check back to Trade Nations often; we’ll be releasing new buildings, decorations, and fun surprises to explore! Follow us on twitter for updates: Got questions? Found bugs? Give us a shout on Note: An Internet connection is required to play Trade Nations.

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