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Description Ever get stuck in a restaurant looking through the menu of Wines and asking yourself which wine would best suite your dinner?

Well look no further, Wine & Dine is here and ready to bring you the most advanced pairing application for the iPhone. You provide information on what you will be eating Wine & Dine tells you which wine to drink! It really is that simple.

After months of analyzing information directly provided by expert sommeliers Wine & Dine helps you determine the best possible wine to drink depending on what you have ordered.

How it works? It’s very simple, as the user you must only answer to 5 questions. At this point, Wine & Dine uses the information you have provided to determine the best choice of wine. But wait! It doesn’t end here Wine & Dine generates a specific list of affordable and popular wines and also provides a rich and insight full history on each wine.

At this point we decided it just wasn’t enough!

For those who like to cook with wine, Wine & Dine will also determine which wine will perfectly match what you are cooking.

With an easy swipe form side to side, Wine & Dine also provides a wine and cheese pairing as well as wine and chocolate. This included Red wines, White wines and Champagne.

After all having an expert choosing the right wine for that special occasion will greatly enhance your experience. The beauty of it all, we packed a team of experts right in your iphone.

Special Features:

-Easy and simple to use interface

-Pairing Database generated by a team of expert sommeliers.

-Ability to choose whether you will be pairing for eating purposes or cooking

-Full and complete database of wines in order to provide the perfect selection every time.( Ex. Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon)

-Save a Wine you have chosen and enjoyed