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Description Arlington National Cemetery, situated just outside Washington DC across the Arlington Memorial Bridge, receives four million visitors each year; yet, very few explore beyond their personal pilgrimage and discover some of the less known and most remarkable stories behind each and every headstone and marker. Arlington App guides you on several one mile walking tours that will immerse you in this solemn and hallowed environment. Historical contributions and documents are explained in detail. Each stop along the tour is augmented with [Library of Congress] hi-resolution photos corrected to GPS technology. The viewer is also invited to compare images taken between 1890 and 1945, to images taken at the same location and angle in June 2010. ⌦ Every other month, the Arlington National Cemetery App is updated to include nominations from family members and friends. ⌦ All images are formatted specifically for your iPad at 1650 X 1024 pixels (HD aspect ratio) and can be zoomed by 225% for greater detail. ⌦ Visit the Support Website to see additional sample images and excerpts. Arlington National Cemetery - ★★★★★ by BeedonAnde - Version 1.0 - 16 October 2010 This is a great app that is very informative and interesting. With wars current and past, there is no greater a service that we can do than honor our fallen heroes. The potential for this app to serve as a remarkable tribute to our servicemen and women laid to rest at Arlington, and as a source of reference for generations to come is an opportunity not to lose. Well done in creating this fine tribute.