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Description *****Please note, feX is currently not compatible with iOS4*******
As many of you are aware, Apple has made significant changes to its platform with the iOS4 update, some of which have affected the functionality of our app. We are investigating an update, but you may want to consider delaying your purchase if you are using iOS4. For more information, please visit our site at “Go and buy this app!”

MACWORLD: "Anyone looking for a quick one-step tool to sync their Facebook friends with their iPhone contacts will find feX useful."

feX is a must have utility to view your friends profile pictures when they call you & never forget a birthday! feX allows you to keep your iPhone contacts up to date with information about your friends from Facebook with a quick and easy to use interface.

Check out the demo video on YouTube: (it's iPhone compatible too)

Features include:

- Sync your Friends Pictures & Birthdays & Location - See your friends high resolution photos when making calls. Your friends have already gone through and picked their favorite picture, entered their birthday, and other data on Facebook. Just let feX do the rest.

- Birthday List - View your contact's AND Facebook friend's birthday in one convenient place. Even write on their Wall or Call them directly from feX.

- One-click Sync & Notifications - Open feX, and instantly update the contacts on your iPhone with the latest data from Facebook! See which friends have updated their profile picture via notifications & using the new Sync Slideshow.

- Add Missing Friends - A friend missing from your iPhone contacts? feX can bring them over from Facebook with a couple of clicks of a button.

- Smart-Match Contacts - feX automatically matches your iPhone contacts to your Facebook friends. Of course, you can also create your own matches if feX doesn't Smart-Match it. And feX will never overwrite your existing pictures, unless you want it to.

- Exchange/MobileMe/Google Sync Support - Works with all of the known address book sync tools available for your iPhone.

Please contact for any questions.

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