Current Version Version: 1.1
Author Colin Tulloch
Price Free
Description Retweet is a simple, easy-to-use Twitter tool for the iPhone and iPod Touch that displays the most popular retweets on Twitter.

It's a new way to get addicted to Twitter, and an essential tool for any power Twitter user!

-Built-in web browser
-Pull top retweets from different time periods
-Ability to retweet
-Loading speed improvements
-Ability to edit/customize retweets before posting
-Setting to change number of retweets shown per page
-Larger font for retweet listing
-"Open in Safari" button, and other minor browser improvements

Retweet utilizes the user created method of "retweeting" or adding an "RT @originaltweeter" to their tweets in order to pass along an interesting tweet to their own followers.

This is an excellent way to discover news, current events, and other things if you are following the original tweeter, or a retweeter. However, if you are not, you won't discover this tweet as fast. You might not come across it at all!

Retweet simply gives you a listing of the top retweets on Twitter, regardless of who you are following!

If you have a feature request, or any kind of feedback feel free to email us - - Help guide the evolution of this app!

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