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Description ** Limited Time Introductory Price! ** Use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a control center for your Mac or PC. Fully manage applications on your computer: Launch, switch, maximize/restore, minimize, close. Use your iPhone as a wireless multi-touch trackpad and secure keyboard. The only fully encrypted trackpad app! The only iOS app to support individual window switching on a Mac! Rated 4.5 out of 5 mice by Macworld! See a demo at: ** YOU MUST DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE FREE SERVER BEFORE USING ** Download from: INCLUDES: - Trackpad with multi-touch gesture support - Application Launcher: just like launching apps on the iPhone - Application / Window switcher: view app windows and switch or manage them - Fully Encrypted Basic Keyboard MAIN FEATURES: - Wireless control of your Mac or PC over Wi-Fi - Bluetooth supported with iOS 4.3 (Mac Only) - Full Landscape and Portrait support - Use navigation icons or gestures to switch modes - 256 bit AES encryption on all network traffic - safely enter passwords! - Automatic computer discovery - Optionally connect by hostname or IP - Remembers pairing for multiple computers - Auto re-connect - Highly optimized network code for smooth, lag free operation APP / WINDOW SWITCHER FEATURES: - Shows thumbnails of all open windows - Organizes open apps and windows by most recent use - Windows track last use even when switched on the computer - Scroll open applications horizontally, windows vertically - Supports switching between open windows not just apps on Mac - (unique to Remote Conductor) - Tap a window to raise just that window. - Tap an app icon to raise all windows for that app - Full Mac 'Spaces' support - Optionally lock the switcher to use as a dedicated app manager - Use tap and hold menus: quit app, hide, close window, minimize, zoom APPLICATION LAUNCHER FEATURES: - Apps organized by pages just like on the iPhone - Apps pinned to your Mac's dock or PC’s taskbar are shown in a scrollable Launch Bar - Automatically finds installed programs on your Mac or PC - Supports custom application paths - Optionally lock the launcher TRACKPAD FEATURES: - Multi-touch gestures (most Macbook or Magic Trackpad gestures) - Supports single finger drag (tap, tap, drag) or 3 finger drag - Some gestures configurable - Configurable network bandwidth usage - Configurable mouse sensitivity - Proper text selection behavior - Proper drag continue behavior MULTI-TOUCH GESTURES SUPPORTED: - 1 finger tap to left click - 2 finger tap to right click - 2 finger pan to scroll - 3 finger tap to middle mouse click - open new tabs in your browser. - 3 finger drag for left mouse drag - 4 finger tap opens the Launcher - 4 finger horiz. swipe opens the Switcher. - 4 finger swipe up shows the desktop - 4 finger swipe down shows Expose on Mac, Flip 3d on PC - Optional 3 finger horiz. swipe for navigate back/fwd, vert. prev/next tab - Optional 3 finger horiz. switch next/prev app - Optional 4 finger left swipe for desktop app switcher or app Expose (Mac) REQUIREMENTS: - Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (accessibility enabled) - Windows XP service pack 3, Vista service Pack 2, Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) - iTunes - Wi-Fi router (local area network or ad hoc network) - Conductor Server software (free download) ** You can test your network for compatibility before you buy at: ** QUICKSTART: - Download and install Conductor Server on your Mac or PC ( - Start Remote Conductor on your iPhone - Tap on the discovered server to connect - Follow the on screen instructions to securely pair * Note: if you are getting asked for your password each time