Current Version Version: 1.5.1 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author pTracker, LLC
Price Free
Description politicoTracker Twitter Edition is a Tweet Reader, pre-configured so you can easily track US politician's tweets. No Twitter account is required.

*** Critical acclaim ***
Rick Broida for CNET:
"In short, it's a pretty nifty app for politics junkies..."
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Macworld's Ben Boychuk:
Using Twitter Edition "You might make some interesting discoveries."
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148Apps rated politicoTracker Twitter Edition 5 stars => "Recommended" ★★★★★
Specifically, they said the app was:
"intuitive", "really cool", and "a well-planned app" that "makes easy work of staying abreast of political news"
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Daniel Eaton wrote in his 1st Impressions blog:
"...apps that are perfect for the news junkie that follows US politics"
"Overall though, the app is very well put together..."
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There is a surprising (or perhaps not) number of our elected officials in the Tweetosphere. With this app you'll be able to quickly scan not only their individual timelines, but also see all tweets by members from a particular state at once, giving you a unique aggregate view of the local political scene.

If you're into politics, this is your app.

As a read-only Twitter app, you do NOT need a Twitter account to use politicoTracker Twitter Edition.

If you do have an account, use this app as a companion to your regular full-featured Twitter app. This way you can read your politician's tweets without following them and cluttering your timeline. In other words: "You don't need to follow to keep up"

-- The app auto-populates the list of tweeting politicians with first use
-- Thereafter, automatic updates of this list occur with each use of the app

-- Save a list of Favorite politicos - "3 taps to get results"

-- Embedded tweet links open inside the app
-- Special handling of YouTube video links
-- Bookmark embedded URLs
-- Save web pages for later offline viewing
-- or open them in Safari if you prefer

-- State-wide aggregation of tweet streams !

New features for 1.2:
-- In-app email to send tweets
-- In-app email to send embedded tweet link web pages
-- Send tweet to Safari
-- Custom feed aggregation - all your "favorite" politicos tweets in one view.

Updates - ongoing:
-- The politico twitter list is updated on a continuing basis, and will automatically download to your device with each use

*** Recent Reviews for our companion app ***
This is the "twitter only" version of politicoTracker, our News Discovery Tool, which has also been reviewed.

Macworld's Ben Boychuk:
★"The app sorts in ways that Google simply cannot. And it sorts in fascinating ways."
★"PoliticoTracker for the iPhone and iPod touch is a promising app..."
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AppCraver added politicoTracker to their select list of "Worthwhile Apps".
★"Political news junkies will enjoy politicoTracker for its ability to quickly aggregate news on their favorite (or least favorite) elected officials."
★"The search is quite good and produced an interesting variety of information."
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