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Price $1.00
Description Satellite 2.0 is now available and brings a host of improvements to the mobile Reddit experience. Changes in this version include:
* Greatly improved performance
* New, Controversial, and Top views are available for all subreddits
* An overlay displaying the full article title and comments count shows while loading an article
* The subreddit list is reorderable
* A beautiful new icon and splash screen have been added
* New lower pricing. Satellite is available for $0.99!

Satellite is a full-featured client for, a social link aggregation site. With Satellite, you can browse links appearing on the front page or drill down into the Subreddits you are subscribed to. When viewing an article, you can vote the link up or down, save it to your Reddit account, or share the link with others. With the click of a button, you can shift into commenting mode to browse comments or post your own back to the Reddit page about the link. The interface provides a substantially more streamlined experience over the mobile Reddit site and incorporates the unique capabilities of the iPhone to make your day to day Reddit'ing much more fun.

Additional Satellite features include:
• Shake the app at any time to explore random content from Reddit
• Next/previous buttons are available at the screen edges to move through content without returning to the list view
• Full portrait/landscape modes, including upside down. Great for handing the phone across the dinner table to share your discoveries!
• Returns to the content you were browsing at start-up. Pick up right where you left off when that call came in.
• Highly addictive content discovery available anywhere, at any time!

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