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Description Whether you're a full-time ski bum or just a weekend powder chaser, Ski Lodge is the perfect way to bring the mountain lifestyle to your iPhone.

Built exclusively for skiers and snowboarders, Ski Lodge brings a full range of features to your iPhone:

- support for almost every resort in USA and Canada
- one-tap access to trail maps
- live snow reports (24, 48, and 72 hour snowfall info)
- live base and summit depths
- live temperature and weather conditions
- live cams and photos
- one-tap access to driving directions, resort phone numbers, and websites
- GPS support shows you the closest resorts near to your current position
- keep track of your favorite resorts
- read ski news in the newspaper mode

Currently Ski Lodge has support for nearly 400 resorts in North America (Canada and the United States), with Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South America coming in the future. Live snowfall information will be provided until November 1, 2009.

More information, plus the full list of supported resorts is available at