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Description iBetTheRaces is designed to make your racing experience more fun, and hopefully more profitable by helping you make good bets! Features: -Live horse racing odds (win, place, and show) -Automatically identifies good bets in all live odds -Good bets are hi-lighted in green or yellow and we suggest how much of your bankroll to bet -Live Exacta picks with good bets hi-lighted -Exotic Ticket Calculator (trifecta, pick 4, pick 6, etc.) -Betting Log to keep track of all your wagers -Betting Edge Calculator -Probability of horse winning Calculator -Place and show Calculators for identifying good bets iBet the Races gives you live race odds and picks for thoroughbred races, so if you have an internet connection you can now view live estimates of win, place, and show odds for selected races starting in the next 10 min. We also look for good bets in live races and color them green. Whether you should bet to win, place, or show depends on the odds, and the place and show odds are not posted at the track or online. iBet the Races approximates the odds and probable payoffs for place and show bets and identifies bets with a positive expatiation that should make money in the long run! When it identifies a good bet it gives you a green light and suggests the optimal amount of money to bet. Live Racing Features: -Win, place, and show payouts for live races -Picks for good bets in live races -Identifies exacta overlays and picks the bet bets -Kelly optimal bet size for picks in live races Exotic Wagers Features The Exotic Wagers Ticket Helper makes it easier to choose among possible multi-horse bets and gives you an optimized list of spread tickets. It does the combinations for you and allows you to select A, B, and C picks picks to minimize the number of tickets you must buy. You can make all your optimized exotic tickets and save them so that you can view them later. iBet the Races can reduce the tickets bought for: -Daily Double -Exacta -Trifecta -Superfecta -Super High 5 -Quinella -Pick 3 -Pick 4 -Pick 5 -Pick 6 Additionally iBet The Races includes a Betting Log so that you can keep track of your bets and profits. I bet the races lets you easily enter information about your bets and then search your previous bets for patterns, or view how much money your are up or down in the past month, 3 months etc. If for some reason you don't get any 2G, 3G or WiFi connection at the Track, then iBet the Races even lets you figure out which bets are good manually, by typing in a few numbers from the tote board! Calculator Features: -Place Odds Calculator -Show Odds Calculator The Place and Show Calculators help you identify when to bet a horse to place or show. You enter a few numbers from the tote board, and the program guides you to the best bet. iBet the Races can be used to calculate: -When to bet a horse to place -When to bet a horse to show -The amount of money place bets pay -The amount of money show bets pay iBet the Races calculator features can be used not only for thoroughbred races, but harness, quarter horse, and greyhound races-anywhere there is pari-mutuel betting and a tote board at the track. Since no handicapping is required to use iBet the Races, it is a perfect way for the casual race fan to make smart bets and enjoy a day at the track. Experienced handicappers will find it easy to add this powerful technique to their routine.