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101 Ways This Report Can Make You A Better FlyFisher...

"Right And Wrong Flyfishing Methods - And Little Pointers That Will Bring That Fish Home"

How bad do you want to make your buddies look on your next fly fishing trip?

Even if your cast is a little awkward at the moment (and less than effective), when you add 101 expert fly fishing tips, tricks, and techniques to your game...'ll be ready to land fish left and right! (While your friends pick their dropped jaw out of the water.)

If you want to:

Make this fly fishing season your best!

Shock your friends by landing more fish than any of them.

You don't learn how to fly fish by listening to 4 of your buddies tell you 4 different things.

So if you're looking to start fly-fishing this next season (and you want to be successful) - you better go out on your own and seek expert advice from people who DO know the best tips, tricks, and tactics... and people who DO know how to teach you.

Will You Be Embarrassed By Your Awkward Cast?

When you're on the water and you see other anglers (with there expensive equipment) who seem to know what they're doing, how are you going to feel when you unleash your awkward cast?

The best thing you can do to make sure you hit the water running (and landing fish like crazy) is to practice your cast at home. But not just by standing in your front lawn and waving the rod back and forth.

If you want to learn, first you need to know exactly how the pros do it. (Is your fly fishing buddy a pro?) And then there are tricks you can use to turn you backyard into the perfect practice range for your cast!

Here's A Quick Way To Beat The Learning Curve Fast

If you're looking to knock your friends' smirks off their face when they see your new fly fishing techniques land fish after fish, then I've got something you should know about.

My guide spills the beans on all the expert tips, tricks, and techniques you need to know to skyrocket your fly fishing skills starting today.

Here is just SOME of the Pro fly fishing techniques you will find inside:

The best way to practice at home (it's not just imaginary casting).

What the pros do when they need to find a rod that's perfect for them.

The secret to keeping your dry flies floating higher and longer.

3 types of reels. (which one is right for you?)

4 ways to tie the perfect, tight knot.

6 things to look for when choosing the fishing line that gets the job done (and doesn't lose the fish)

5 lures that any self-respecting fly fisherman will not be without.

How the pros notice patterns with the weather, water conditions and more to make sure they bring home more fish than their buddies.

The secret to using sub-surface flies to reel in more fish.

9 tips from the pros to help you fish at night, from fallen trees, in coves and more.

The place where fish like to set up feeding stations (the perfect spot for your cast).

Why letting fish see you isn't as bad as this…

6 great fishing areas (with lots of oxygen that attracts fish) that you should be on the lookout for.

And there’s MUCH more – guaranteed!

If you want to drastically change your skill level in the least amount of time possible, this is your short cut to knocking the socks off everyone.

Don't be a lousy flyfisher with great equipment (and no know-how). For just $2.99 you can start using the techniques in my report to catch you up to speed in no time. (An expensive rod won't catch you anything if you don't know how to use it.)

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