Current Version Version: 1.0
Author GlobalMotion Media, Inc
Price Free
Description The Ski Computer by GlobalMotion turns your iPhone into the perfect Alpine Skiing Companion by using iPhones internal GPS and digital camera.

The Ski Computer lets you monitor key stats during your ski day, take photos and when finished upload your trip to EveryTrail, the leading online community for Trip Sharing. Sharing a ski adventure with family and friends will never be the same!

* Current, average and maximum speed per run
* Distance per run
* Number of runs skied, total elevation skied
* Elevation

* Each photo is geotagged: When you view it online it will appear at the exact location you took it
* You can add captions to photos before uploading, or at after you uploaded your trip

Trip upload to
* When you are done skiing you can save your trip, add a title and description and then upload your trip to, simply by clicking the upload button on your iPhone.
* Once your trip is uploaded you will be notified by email, how you can view your trip at, and become part of our global community. It's completely free!

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