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Description Me Too: Golf is your personal golf pro. With nearly 40 minutes of video, in seven chapters, Me Too: Golf is a golf pro available in your pocket 24/7. Whether you're on the links, in the clubhouse, at the driving range or at home, Me Too: Golf is always available to help you improve your game.

Learn how to develop a natural swing:

- Warm up
- Use the right grip
- Address the ball
- Finish

For both beginners and experienced golfers, Me Too: Golf is the perfect training tool for everyone.

Bill Owens, golf pro since 1976, creator of the Triangulaid method, has worked with Damabia to create Me Too: Golf. Using Bill Owens' proven techniques, you can learn how to swing like a pro. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you can improve your game using Me Too: Golf.

Me Too: Golf is the perfect addition to the tools you use to improve your golf. Whether you take lessons with a golf pro, or use DVDs or other educational material, Me Too: Golf can help you. Take it with you when you go to a driving range, when you play a round, or even in the office.

With tips to improve your swing, club by club, distance by distance, you can keep track of your progress using Bill Owens' method. You can even have your iPhone or iPod touch speak to you as you practice (English only), helping you improve.

This new type of application is an efficient, economic way to improve your game.


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