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Description Please checkout the new release: Snowboard and Ski Trailmaps and purchase this version...

Ski and Snowboard Trailmaps is a simple application for any snowboarder or skier. With this application you allways have your trailmap with you. We cover the entire world with maps from USA, Canada, France, Austria, Switzerland, Tsjech Republic, Italy, Japan, Chile, New Zealand, Africa, Israel, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Lebanon, etc. You can download the maps in advance so
you don't have to download them abroad to avoid roaming.
Once downloaded you don't need an internet connection for this application to work.
Save some trees and use this application instead of printed Trailmaps.

It has no fancy features but works as it is supposed to work, look for your map, download it and view it. You can download as many maps as you want.

If you miss a trailmap in our list
please sent an email to and we will add it as soon as possible. In case you have a problem with the quality of the map let us know and we will try to get a better one or redraw them. Enjoy.